Brush Holder
2016-04-11 12:15
Store your brushes neatly with this professional brushes case of Superstar. This convenient carrying case can be unfolded and placed standing up for
Makeup eraser black
2017-05-12 15:38
The Superstar Makeup Eraser Black is an ultra-soft black cloth that removes all face paint and make-up with just water. It is double-sided, you can r
Spray Bottle
2016-04-11 12:15
The Superstar Spray Bottle is the perfect tool to carry 50 ml of clear and pure space ready to be filled with clean fresh water. This spray bottle wi
Practice Head
2016-04-11 12:15
This professional quality practice head is the perfect help and learning tool to practice your face painting skills. Whether you use the practice hea

Industrie- en Handelsonderneming Superstar B.V.

Superstar is a Dutch company founded in 1947, specialized in making professional face paint for both the amateur and the professional. Superstar is one of the founders of professional face paint and has played an important role in the development of the Aqua Face and Bodypaint as it is today, from the face paint pens to the beautiful bright colours in the water-based face paint today.

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